Illustrated by Liz Riccardi

Your June Horoscopes Are Here

What the stars have in store for this month

by christie craft

Feeling mentally scattered early in the month comes as a slight-but-manageable shock for some and a complete atmospheric change for other signs—for better or worse—all thanks to the frenetic, chatty Gemini New Moon on June 4. Air signs (Aquarius, Gemini, Libra) will likely find this lunation to be a period of mental stimulation and growth, a fertile energy for strategizing their next move, while fire signs like Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius experience a massive boost in charm and magnetism. Water signs, Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio, as well as earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn), could become emotionally unmoored by insecurity now. For these signs, it’s very important to remain grounded with physical self-care measures until the cosmic dust settles and we become more aware of our options.

Concentration is key with sweet, distracting Venus co-mingling with that Gemini New Moon, causing every sign (but especially air signs) to run wild with imagination and a lack of realism until what’s really real hits on June 20’s Sagittarius Full Moon. After this lunation picks up its intensely emotional, somewhat unpredictable and fiery steam, not a single sign will be able to deny their vision. You may not be able to express what you see now, but these revelations could shatter certain signs’ moral compasses, particularly in relation to a long-standing argument or conflict you’ve formed murky opinions about, and you will be forced to soldier through the swamp to more fertile (read: more stable) earth.

Messages left unexpressed or impossible to articulate will burst forth with gushing passion once active firebrand Mars, god of action and battle, moves directly into Scorpio on June 29. Though intense, these are the cleansing fires every single sign needs to move into the next part of the year—and into a personal renaissance. No entity can stop this energetic locomotive, now—so, hop on, hang on, and enjoy the turbulence until you arrive at your destination in July.  

Illustrated by Liz Riccardi

Aries: Tempest in a Teacup

Summer’s joie de vivre is practically coursing through your veins as the month opens, but adulting duties demand your attention—and cash—dampening your playful vibe, all thanks to the Gemini New Moon on June 4 sending mixed messages. Domestic matters, like upgrading your home unexpectedly, or those relating to your car are the likeliest to become money pits during this lunation. But there are two sides to every story now, so what may seem like an annoying or impossible expense, especially between June 4 and 14, will likely turn in your favor and become a smart investment.

Gemini’s influence early on in June could also strike a chord with a creative communications-focused endeavor, particularly with the written word, inspiring you with gusto to finally begin your passion project. Whether you’re making a zine, producing a podcast, or penning poetry, what small ripples you create now have great potential to turn into mighty waves in your career.

Have you been sparring with some hostile relatives (or alternatively, roommates)? Thought so. A break in the domestic drama delivers harmony like a double rainbow after the storm on June 17 when gentle Venus floats through your Home and Family Sector. She’ll keep the peace until July 12, so if you need to wade knee-deep through conflict to squash any beef, do it now.

Metaphysical revelations have the potential to rock your spiritual core with the help of a trusted teacher or advisor near the Sagittarius Full Moon on June 20. This new understanding may explode like fireworks or squeak like a mouse, but once the information makes itself known to you, it could alter the course of your life, forever changing how you navigate through any moral tempest. However, you’ll finally get to take your thumb out of the hole in the dam come June 29 when Mars, your ruling planet, finally turns direct after having been retrograde since mid-April.

Illustrated by Liz Riccardi

Taurus: Stacking Stacks

Finance continues to hog your focus during the first days of June, but luckily, your cash flow will begin to look much brighter after the Gemini New Moon on the 4th. In fact, your income will continue to increase steadily throughout the month, crescendoing on June 17. No pussyfooting around what you want, need, and deserve anymore, Taurus—it’s time to be bold and ask for that raise. Alternatively, you could decide to go into business for yourself as an entrepreneur. If you already work for yourself, you’ll begin to see clear signals that it’s time to hike up your rates. You’ll just be a doormat should you wait any longer to change. The month’s money domination moves from earned income into passive income, like an investment or your partner’s financial prowess with the Full Moon in enterprising Sagittarius on June 20. Whatever shakes out, the resulting developments will only help fatten your bank account.

Stellar news relating to a rare communications-based opportunity is expected to flood in on June 26, when intense, moody Pluto hits a perfect angle to Jupiter, god of good fortune, allowing you to showcase some of your lesser-known talents to powerful decision-makers at work. As if the month couldn’t get any better for you Bulls, just three days later on June 29, aggro Mars—who’s been in retrograde since mid-April—will finally turn direct in your partnership sector. Lazy Mars may have been influencing you to flounder in your love life, or even second-guess a critical decision you made before April 17. Now, there will be no questions left unanswered or any murky feelings—you’ll be focused and concrete in your integrity, just the way you like it.  

Illustrated by Liz Riccardi

Gemini: Doubly Delicious

June means that Gemini Season is in full swing, and what better way for the cosmos to honor the Twins’ birthday than by giving you the best month ever (or at least of the year)? The month starts off with a bang when a New Moon in your doubly delicious sign graces the heavens on June 4. This lunation is made of fairy dust and magic for you, Gemini, a gilded starting point for the next year of your life, especially if your birthday falls during the first week of June. Take full advantage of the New Moon cycle and concentrate your energy on imagining how you’d like to shift your life positively. You might feel a little confused or overwhelmed at first trying to decide what to focus on, but your clairvoyant vision of your future will become crystal clear after June 4.

What’s more, Venus, goddess of beauty, luxury, and sensual love, will inject a double dose of magnetism and charm into your already-effervescent personality for the first half of the month, ultimately helping you mend fences and put valuable work into your relationships. Stay social, especially around June 12—single Geminis have a killer set of opportunities to meet someone fascinating and sexy. Committed Geminis may notice the heat rise around June 20 when a Full Moon in Sagittarius begins to unravel a lynchpin conflict or disagreement in your relationship. That will take extra time and energy to handle, but fortunately, respite lies in your work, which will become an oasis of tranquility and accomplishment once Mars slumps out of his retrograde phase on June 29.

Illustrated by Liz Riccardi

Cancer: Feel Your Power

You may feel as though you’ve come under a dark spell in the first week and a half of June that amplifies your introverted tendencies more than usual, compelling you to bury yourself in the deepest crevices of your protective shell. Patience is in thin supply now, Cancer, so throw up your moody claws at the haters and take whatever self-care measures you need to in order to avoid a complete meltdown (or burnout).

Light begins to creep into your crabby little hiding hole on June 17 when sweet Venus graces your sensitive sign where she’ll shine until July 12, giving you the razor’s edge in social and romantic matters. Don’t sleep on this opportunity to circulate, Cancer—this aspect will have you feeling more vivacious and confident than you’ve felt in months, encouraging your self-esteem to bloom as brightly as it should. Saying that you’ll be feeling yourself is an understatement, but the resulting energy you’ll possess will be powerful enough to manifest whatever you wish to attract—particularly in business, money, and love. Use it wisely.

You’ve been hemming and hawing all year, dissatisfied with your current job, and if you haven’t made a move to someplace that nurtures your talents and personality, the Sagittarius Full Moon on June 20 offers a golden opportunity to leap to a better lilypad. Your ambition only sweetens the pot once Mars, god of action, finally moves forward out of retrograde on June 29. So if you’re feeling froggy, jump!

Illustrated by Liz Riccardi

Leo: Find Your Tribe

After months of sailing on stormy seas—you know, the kind of work-related stress that invades every part of your life—the atmosphere finally begins to clear in the first week of June, making social life the sun of your solar system. The affable Gemini New Moon in your 11th House of Friendship on June 4 sends strong signals to your support group, delivering a perfect opportunity to reconnect with pals you haven’t seen in forever.

Your extroverted streak will climax around June 17 when a close friend or confidante could introduce you into a new social clique (or professional networking circle) where your full potential will shine holistically. Even though this period may become energetically taxing, the reward of weaving ties with a community of like-minded individuals outweighs the risk of exhaustion. You’re bound to make some fast friends during this month who can help elevate you to the next level of your most authentic self.

Luscious Venus will be buzzing around this part of your chart during the first half of June, too, taking care to nurture potential romance for the unencumbered wherever friendship is found. Love truly takes center stage after the fiery Sagittarius Full Moon in your Romance Sector on June 20. Not only will you be fiercely magnetic, you will also be able to discern exactly how you feel about any given situation in your love life, for better or worse, and move from there. Once action-oriented Mars turns direct on June 29, Leos caught playing the field could find themselves falling in love or moving on from incompatible partners with equal ease.

Illustrated by Liz Riccardi

Virgo: Know Your Worth

The fires of professional ambition blaze like a tinderbox as soon as the month begins, all thanks to the frenetic Gemini New Moon on June 4 (though you, dear Virgo, will absolutely feel this lunation as early as May 31). Somehow, you’ve become the perfectly weird, complex-minded puzzle piece needed for abstract strategy—and everyone in your professional circle knows it. Opulent Venus will also send sparkles to this exact part of your chart until June 17, making you irresistible to potential employers and head honchos, as well as giving you a powerful upper hand in negotiations. Make no mistake, everyone is watching: Don’t sell yourself short, even if that means peacocking with false confidence until you get your way.

Virgos who haven’t found their heart’s professional calling may begin to see bright glimmers on the horizon beckoning a steadfast career goal. The clarity you’ll receive from this lunation will support you with sharp decisiveness and a crystal vision of how valuable your (extremely versatile) talents really are. The cadence and volume of your own voice will only become harder to ignore once firebrand Mars moves direct on June 29.

After the Sag Full Moon on June 20 in your Family Sector, your focus will shift back to your domestic set-up, particularly with fastening any loose ends related to real estate and finding a new place. This Full Moon lunation could also deliver stressful, emotionally fraught news from a close family member. The best thing you can do is listen calmly and lend your steadfast, earthy support—you are the gentle warrior your friends and relatives need now.

Illustrated by Liz Riccardi

Libra: Cup Runneth Over

The cerebral Gemini New Moon on June 4 catapults your mental energy into overdrive, inspiring you to take realistic, adult steps to harness your intelligence for the better. Have you been considering heading back to the classroom or pursuing an advanced degree? There simply couldn’t be a better time to put your airy brainpower to work than from the first week of June through the 17th. In true Gemini-Libra fashion, though, you’ll likely experience some brain fuzz when it comes to making up your mind about what skills and virtues you really want to dedicate your education to.

Lush Venus, your lovely ruling planet, will be perched at the top of your chart from June 17 until July 12, championing every one of your career moves for the better. Then, thanks to the super-complementary Sagittarius Full Moon on June 20, you’ll possess a more than magnetic aura to VIPs around the office, which could inspire a host of new responsibilities set on your shoulders or a powerful move to an elevated position, not to mention a cacophony of fanfare and praise from influential voices. New opportunities for advancing your career and professional prowess are littered everywhere like a minefield this month, Libra, but none so explosive as those detonated after actionable Mars moves direct on June 29. Come July, you could just be running the whole show.

Illustrated by Liz Riccardi

Scorpio: Breaking Chains

The loquacious Gemini New Moon in your 8th House of Shared Resources and Transformation on June 4 sends sassy signals and a major energetic eye-roll to your bank account as your financial stressors reach their apex for 2016 this month. Consider this a critical turning point, a financial intervention, if you will: Your current relationship with money seems to be turning sour, Scorp, and if you don’t fix your situation now you simply won’t be able to afford to bankroll your big plans for the rest of the year (and there’s so much cosmic potential brewing).

Luckily, transforming darkness into strength and fear into fierce motivation is absolutely your jam, and there could be a forceful opportunity to maximize an investment’s profits until June 17, thanks to financially savvy Venus setting up shop in this area of your chart, too. You could receive a more than generous bonus or commission, or simply renegotiate your rates and salary for a more favorable paycheck. Go to battle confidently and do work.

The tests ain’t over, though—paranoia-fueled spectres may threaten your sense of financial security near the Sag Full Moon on June 20, causing your hackles to go up like a caged beast. It’s possible a minor source of income (think: a side gig) could become fruitless and lost, but more likely the cause for concern will be entirely internal. Your own emotional urgency and fear could become your greatest ally in changing your situation, just don’t let your shadows run the show.

Relief charges in like the cavalry you needed, like, two months ago when your second ruling planet, Mars, finally moves direct in your intense sign on June 29, liberating you to take what is rightfully yours after months of this off-brand submission you’ve been wearing. Get it.

Illustrated by Liz Riccardi

Sagittarius: Fortune Smiles

June’s fertile and lush aspects place the crown squarely on your head this month, Sag, bestowing the cosmos’ most enviable energy to you. A brilliantly supportive New Moon in Gemini on June 4 gets the month poppin’ by focusing a double-dose of energy on your Partnership Sector, delivering a cool, fresh breeze to your romantic relationship or business partnership. Venus, who will also be shooting lucky beams to the area of your chart ruling partnerships until June 17, will foster deep connections and new alliances in love, friendship, and business that suggest a newfound level of harmony and peace you’ve been seeking. And thanks to Venus, you’ll very likely see your cash flow perk up around this time, too.

An impassioned Full Moon in your fiery sign on June 20 may punctuate your gentle month with a bit of an emotional tempest, making you hyper-aware of your true feelings in any given scenario. Moral illuminations and revelations are somewhat unavoidable now, so do your best to accept your intuition’s messages without overreacting or exploding in anger. Once Mars begins to move direct again on June 29, you’ll feel powerfully revitalized to reassess your strategies in accomplishing your life’s most important goals.

Illustrated by Liz Riccardi

Capricorn: Healing Work

June’s focus will be hitting the bullseye and getting on more fluidly with coworkers in your professional life—even more so than usual for you earthy workaholics. June 4’s chipper Gemini New Moon will set the stage for sending out resumes all over the place, should you want to take a dive into a new professional pool. Happily employed Caps are sure to see improvements in relationships with colleagues and coworkers, and more ambitious Seagoats will certainly hit the jackpot with new opportunities and the potential for a bigger paycheck at their current job. Regardless of what shakes down with this lunation, you’re bound to rekindle your love for work, making it a pleasure to be there. Entrepreneurial Caps will find this month to be especially fruitful, particularly when it comes to hiring staff and delegating responsibilities. Just make sure you wrap up your loose ends by June 17 for the best outcome possible.

Health becomes a lynchpin focal point this month, too, so expect to see massive improvements in your physical health and appearance—especially if you’ve begun a new fitness regimen recently. Alternatively, if you’ve been feeling exhausted, worn-down, or just energetically icky, this month will provide a peaceful bastion for physical healing. Mars will finally turn direct on June 29 in your 11th House of Friendship and Aspirations after being retrograde since mid-April, helping you accomplish your goals with the support of your social circle in tow.

Illustrated by Liz Riccardi

Aquarius: Real Love

Deep connections are unavoidable this month, Aquarius, and you could be very surprised by what’s uncovered. Beginning with a sparkling New Moon in Gemini falling in your Romance Sector on June 4 and heightened only by Venus in that same area of your chart until June 17, love in all its many forms will truly begin crawling from the woodwork. If single, this could prove to be the shot in the arm you need to get your summer poppin’. Attached Aquarians will find their established love highlighted as if it were brand new and as exciting as the first time. Take advantage of this time to actively date your partner(s) and deepen the roots of true love.

This lovey-dovey period suggests that you might be ready to have a child; alternatively, there could be joyous news of a pregnancy, birth, marriage, or engagement within your immediate family, particularly near the spontaneous Sagittarius Full Moon on June 20. This lunation will also ask that you lend support to an ailing or emotionally fraught friend—but be careful not to compromise your own integrity in the process. Should you discover your friend has made a decision that lapses their core morality, you will not find empathy easily. By the end of the month, your gaze will rest on advancing your career to its greatest heights of the year, all thanks to Mars finally heading direct on June 29. Go get ‘em!

Illustrated by Liz Riccardi

Pisces: Extrasensory

Stay on your toes and keep your eyes peeled for snatching up better opportunities than the ones you’ve come in contact with in the last few months this June, Pisces. The tides are shifting and change is inevitable—but if you’re focused, you can transform dark to light very easily.

June 4’s Gemini New Moon in your Home and Family sector indicate that most of the month’s changes will be centered around your domestic life or immediate family. After this lunation hits, you may find yourself in the market for a new home or in need of a new roommate. What’s more, any home improvement or decorating projects you initiate now will have brilliant aesthetic results.

Due to Venus’ position in this area of your chart until June 17, there’s a high chance that you’ll entertain the possibility of cohabitating with your sweetheart. Alternatively, new partners could be introduced to your family now, deepening your understanding of each other emotionally. Single Pisces: Keep your senses poised on picking up other-dimensional vibes from potential love interests (they’re kind of everywhere!), especially around the Sagittarius Full Moon on June 20. You may be surprised who’s been crushing on you...