The Coolest Pearl Jewelry To Wear This Summer

The perfect gifts for June-born Geminis and Cancers

June is here, and we have not one, but three, birthstones to wear this month: alexandrite, moonstone, and pearl. While all three are stunners in their unique ways, we can’t help but find ourselves pining over the pearl. Maybe Kristen Stewart has something to do with that?

That’s right, the pearl has surpassed its past reputation as being preppy, and has cool again. Whether we’re wearing them on our eyes like K. Stew or in our ears and around our necks, we plan to be dripping in them all month long.

Arguably the most interesting precious stones to exist, it’s the only one created by another living thing (an oyster, duh), rather than dug out of the earth. It’s known to have a calming effect, grounding and centering its wearer and working to balance their aura. Considering a good chunk of this month is ruled by Gemini, that all sounds pretty appropriate to us.

We rounded up 15 unconventional pearl pieces, perfectly suited for the June-born Geminis and Cancers in our lives—or, you know, as a gift to ourselves. Check out our picks, below.

Photo courtesy of WKND LA

WKNDLA, Laurel Collar Necklace, $138, available at WKNDLA.

Photo courtesy of Wolf Circus

Wolf Circus, Lita Pearl Studs, $84, available at Wolf Circus.

Photo courtesy of Vita Fede

Vita Fede, Titan Pearl Bracelet, $475, available at Vita Fede.

Photo courtesy of Yunis K

Yunis K, Amour Earrings, $57, available at Yunis K.

Photo courtesy of Wolf & Badger

ORA Pearl, Silver Orb Ring White Pearl, $63, available at Wolf & Badger.

Photo courtesy of Bing Bang

Bing Bang, Pearl Open Hoops, $78, available at Bing Bang.

Photo courtesy of Faris

Faris, Portra Collar, $195, available at Faris.

Photo courtesy of Nektar De Stagni

Nektar De Stagni, Cultured Freshwater Pearl Charm Pendant Necklace, $295, available at Nektar De Stagni

Photo courtesy of Zoe Chicco

Zoe Chicco, 14K Single Pearl Cuff, $550, available at Zoe Chicco.

Photo courtesy of Need Supply Co.

J. Hannah, Siren Pinky Ring, $235, available at Need Supply Co.

Photo courtesy of The Dreslyn

Saskia Diez, Stripe Pearl Ring, $190, available at The Dreslyn.

Photo courtesy of Shihara

Shihara, Half Pearl Chain Earring, $618, available at Shihara.

Photo courtesy of Zimmermann

Zimmermann, Antique Gold Pearl Ear Cuff, $130, available at Zimmermann.

Photo courtesy of Gabriel New York

Gabriel New York, 14K Yellow Gold Fashion Diamond Cultured Pearl. $350, available at Gabriel New York.

Photo courtesy of Alex Mika

Alex Mika, Oval Pearl Earring, $74, available at Alex Mika.