Jupiter Has Entered Scorpio, So It’s Time To Get Right With Your Higher Power

Check in with the goddess right about now

One morning this week, I woke up and thought to myself, “That’s it, I’m registering for a monastic retreat.” Sure, you might imagine or assume that I’ve had this thought before. You might have me pegged for the kind of woo-woo witchy lady who is frolicking to all corners of this Earth looking for her shamanic soul and spiritual center. Isn’t that the nature of the kind of person who writes astrological insights for a living? Well, I wouldn’t take offense to assumptions such as these—I’d just say they’re a little off the mark. Truth be told, I’m a city kid and a post-Soviet immigrant who is naturally seduced by consumerism. I also hate communal sleeping quarters because I’ve suffered from the dreaded bed bug (knock three times on wood). So, having said all this, I propose to you that the reason I’m going to a monastic retreat on my birthday is because Jupiter has now entered Scorpio and it is time to get right with whatever higher power I can summon.

A quick survey of my inner circles and the outer world echoes this sentiment. One Scorpio friend of mine just moved to upstate New York in the middle of nowhere to “figure out what she wants in life,” another Taurus friend (who is otherwise completely sober) has devoted time to doing mushrooms periodically so she might sit with her ancestral guides. She says the time of the divine feminine is upon us, she says femmes, healers especially, are due for an uprising. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the Harvey Weinstein allegations have surfaced this month, allegations that get at the heart of the line between sex and violence, between creative and abusive power. 

Jupiter, our largest and most magnanimous planet, has the most moons and the least fucks to give. Jupiter, the god of gods, makes the rules and breaks them too because Jupiter believes justice (universal love) is higher law. When Jupiter moves into Scorpio, she’s s a long-term houseguest. Get ready to feel a year’s worth of psychic snake skin slip off as Jupiter soaks up Scorpio’s transformational power and strips us of our illusions, our falsities, and our emotional debris. Jupiter’s journey through Libra was a political wrestling match, leveling knowledge against knowledge, idea against idea: American elections, French elections, Brexit. Each erratic move had a countermove and a checkmate. Jupiter’s stay in Scorpio will have us wondering what took us so long and why we wasted so much time playing Devil’s advocate and acting subtle when our world was getting destroyed by a demon with floppy blond hair.

Jupiter in Scorpio knows that we are standing at the Hellmouth and so we have got to figure out what role we play in the Scooby gang. Are you the proverbial slayer? The activist, organizer, leader you’ve been waiting for? Write your book, raise your fist, start that resistance movement, beloved, become. Are you the nerdy girl who knows she’s more powerful than she lets on—do you have a secret healer in you? Take that herbal wisdom class, go back to med school, code a dark net that will shut down certain Twitter feeds forever. If you can commit to being bigger than you’ve been, braver, than Jupiter in Scorpio will show you how to get there. Fair warning, this means letting go of all the selves you’ve outgrown. This means letting go of people who make you feel small even if your love for them is great. Transformation is painful, transformation is a torn muscle that grows back twice its size and tougher. Transformation isn’t always about becoming entirely new, in fact, often, it’s about believing you’re strong enough to become who you were meant to be all along.