Do Women Care If A Penis Is Circumcised?

introducing: just the tips

It all started in an editorial meeting. One NYLON-er, born in the States, mentioned that she has never seen an uncircumcised penis. Another, who was raised in a different country, was flabbergasted—circumcision was something she rarely, if ever, encountered, and she was shocked that Americans seemed so naïve about foreskin. Suddenly, the room erupted in debate, about comfort levels, genitalia, and our own personal (and often very emotional) approach to sex.

Our takeaway: Women need more spaces to talk about sex, and when we sit down and share our thoughts, we end up learned (and realizing that a lot of our idiosyncrasies aren't all that strange at all.) And, when given a platform and an interested audience, us gals love to talk about sex.

So, please allow us to introduce "Just The Tips," a sex-positive, discussion-based series where women share their experience, insight, and—yep—tips for navigating those sexual situations of which we have so many feels. We asked dozens of women—straight, gay, bi, trans, and other—about their thoughts and feelings regarding a wide range of sexy stuff, and got an equally vast array of answers. Named for our kick-off convo about cut-versus-uncut, Just The Tips aims to give space to those topics women so often feel too shy to discuss. 

Because Just The Tips is so much more than penis preference...even though the "tips," in this case, take front and center.