Watch The Majestic Video For Justin Bieber’s New Single “I’ll Show You”

the comeback continues

by nylon

The first two singles from Justin Bieber's upcoming album Purpose were upbeat jams that got similarly upbeat videos. But Bieber's latest, another Skrillex-assisted gem called "I'll Show You," is about the singer's perilous life under a microscope, and how hard it is to be one of the most famous people on Earth. "My life is a movie and everyone's watching," he sings over a trap beat. "They forget that I'm human, they forget that I'm real." 

To share these deep thoughts, Bieber went to one of the most beautiful places on the planet for the video (our money's on New Zealand) to be one with nature. Rarely showing his face to the camera, he overlooks stunning vistas, rolls down hills, skateboards on deserted highways, and finally strips down to his underwear for a symbolic ice-cold dip in some cleansing water. The comeback continues.