martha stewart's justin bieber interview is just as boring as you'd think

    but the pictures are amazing

    by Hayden Manders · July 15, 2015

    Photographed by Steven Klein for Interview magazine

    Martha Stewart is hip. She gets jiggy with it and knows as much about popular culture as she does organic cacao beans from the Côte d'Ivoire. She’s penned thought pieces on Kim Kardashian, roasted Justin Bieber, and now spent what seems to be a sizable amount of time with the latter for Interview magazine.

    Now, Stewart’s roast of the Biebs was incredible. Not only did she read pop’s naughty prince, but she showcased her sassiness in ways she hasn’t done before. You’d expect her conversation with Bieber would reflect that—and it did, but only on her part. For what her subject had to offer was pretty banal—and not in that odd, smarter-than-thou banality theorists attribute to Kim Kardashian.

    The two discuss things such as high school, Bieber’s GPA, how he was discovered, and their affinity for Mercedes-Maybachs. (“My dream car,” Stewart says.) Stewart doesn’t police Bieber like she did that one time Lindsay Lohan was on her show. She comes off as genuinely curious, and a fabulous interviewer. At one point she finagles in a question about Bieber’s love life using the kitchen as a talking point. Go Martha.

    Ahead, a few of the key learnings from Martha Stewart’s interview with Justin Bieber—plus some seriously cool Steven Klein photographs that pay perfect homage to Interviews creator, Andy Warhol.

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