Justin Bieber What Do You Mean Segway Music Video

and it’s, like, really good.

If I were a pitched an idea for a video of five guys dressed like Justin Bieber dancing to “What Do You Mean” on Segways, I would probably wonder what the world has come to. And that’s basically what I did when a video fitting that exact description went viral this weekend. Then I watched it and realized that it's good. Like, really good. 

I’ve never ridden one of these things before, but I imagine it's rather difficult. These guys, however—choreographer David Moore and some fellow dancers—make it look like a cakewalk. There’s nothing bad to say about this video. Hooray for the Internet for making something worthwhile go viral! My only hope is Justin Bieber notices this, hires Moore for his impending tour, and Segways back into the hearts of millions. Until then, well, I’m going to add a couple more views to the video’s already 1 million-plus. It’s that good.