Watch Karman’s Music Video For “No Us”

Definition of Monday mood

Even though Karman is based in Beverly Hills, he doesn't get distracted by all the glitz and glamour of his surroundings. (Though, if you think the producer looks familiar, it's probably because you've seen him in the campaign for ASAP Rocky’s Guess Originals collaboration.) His latest video for "No Us" is proof, intentionally capturing a raw intensity and melancholy that can only be explained by the producer himself. 

"I stared into nowhere as we drove to different locations, where upon arrival I'd have the freedom to run around and essentially play like some child during recess," Karman says. "The dark irony of the situation turned into indescribable feelings of nostalgia, which in turn turned into a deep sadness."

U.K.-based artist and model Soraya Jansen filmed and edited the moody video, which Karman describes as "one long hazy day."

Apparently, there was no real direction in terms of the creative concept aside from "staying warm and awake while attempting to emit this sort of 'woe and dejection' that I actually was feeling."

Karman is currently working on his forthcoming

Heaven Complex

EP, which is his soundtrack for those experiencing pain, hope, anxiety, and adventure. In other words, it's for darker times, but it's not intended to be a total downer—Karman is trying to wake us all up from a living nightmare. Escape to his world in the video, below.