Photo by St. Tropez via Getty Images

Why Kate Moss Will Always Be Boss

Happy 43rd birthday, Kate

Kate Moss is the supermodel's supermodel. From the age of 14, Moss has charmed the fashion industry and, in turn, the world to become a living legend. She, as the kids would say, has the range. There isn't a personal scandal that could tarnish her legacy. The year 2005 practically elevated it to untouchable levels. What is it about her, though? What is her je ne sais quoi? She exudes power and class—even when spinning around as a hologram. She's notoriously shy, but when she's present, she's all there. 

So, to honor the icon's 43rd birthday, we asked fashion folk what it is about her that makes Kate Moss the forever boss. Long live the queen, indeed.

Jenna Igneri, assistant digital editor

Alexander McQueen turned her into a hologram. It doesn't get any more iconic than that.

Tina Vaden, video editor

She was the cover star of Playboy's 60th-anniversary issue, and I will never forget it. Or stop thanking her for every single page she gave us.

Austen Tosone, editorial assistant

When I was 14, I went to the Barnes & Noble in my small town in New Jersey and bought a book of British Vogue covers. What I learned, mostly, was that it seemed like Kate Moss was on every single one. One of the reasons that I think Miss Moss is a boss is because she never let her personal life affect her work. That, and she has like 30 British Vogue covers. (Editor's Note: Kate Moss has been on 73 British Vogue covers.)

Hayden Manders, senior staff writer

If you're looking a walking definition of style, Kate Moss is it. Fashion doesn't wear Kate Moss, Kate Moss wears fashion. Whether she admits it or not, there's an air of unrivaled confidence in each and every photo she takes. She's aware of her body and the way clothes accentuate and enhance certain parts of a personality. From my perspective, it's effortless. She could wear a garbage bag, and I wouldn't think twice. Her consistency is startling and, quite frankly, aspirational. A very strong brand, indeed.

Irina Grechko, digital managing editor

She turned the bridal industry on its feet when in 2011 she married a real-life rock star in one of the coolest weddings ever. From her stunning John Galliano wedding dress—inspired by Zelda Fitzgerald—to her Jazz Age-meets-British rock 'n' roll-meets-music festival theme and garden backdrop—captured by Mario Testino for Vogue, naturally—the nuptials were ones for the (guest) books. The couple has since split up, surprising no one, but it won't ever stop fashion-leaning brides-to-be from emulating Kate the Bride.