Kate Moss Runway ’90s

relive the model’s runway career from the ’90s now.

by steff yotka

If you haven't noticed from our Twitter or Instagram, we are fully switched into New York Fashion Week mode (or #NYLONFW as we like to think of it), so when picking out an apt Throwback Thursday for today, we couldn't help but decide to look back on the runway career of Kate Moss. 

See before she was the big deal she is today, cashing in on Louis Vuitton exclusives and brand collaborations, she was a big deal on the catwalk. We're talking in the early '90s alongside girls like Naomi Campbell, Shalom Harlow, and Linda Evangelista. Luckily we found a YouTube video that highlights Moss' wonder years right down to her bum shaking dance moves in a purple tunic.

Watch below while you plan out your Kate Moss Halloween costume. I mean, what else were you going to be!?