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kate moss designs light-up sneakers!

by liza darwin

Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, and Kylie Minogue have designed sneakers for charity! Oh, and get this--Moss's versions are light up!  (VOGUE UK)

"Grunge" and "ballerina" aren't two things normally placed together in the same sentence, but leave it to Hedi Slimane to make it work. (Oyster)

The Hunger Games will launch a 16-item Capitol Couture clothing line on Net-a-Porter this fall...but the thing is, would you wear it? (Fashionista)

Fresh off the heels of directing an episode of Orange Is The New Black, Jodie Foster's at it again for Netflix. This time, it's for House of Cards. (Vulture)

The just-announced Pantone color is "Dazzling Blue," otherwise known as the color of bluebirds, Microsoft Word's icon...and Facebook. (E!)

Summer reruns got you down? Get excited for fall TV with this cheat sheet. (Refinery 29