private icon: katniss everdeen

    because everyone wants to be the girl on fire.

    by · November 21, 2013
    With her beat-up leather jacket and her boots meant for running through the dense District 12 forest, Katniss Everdeen definitely isn’t your typical fashion icon. The Hunger Games protagonist might’ve made one of the biggest beauty trends her trademark (ahem, that would be the messy side braid) and maybe had something to do with the athletic-inspired gear we’ve been seeing on the runways the past few seasons...but as anyone who’s read the trilogy knows, Katniss has better things to do. She’s trying to stay alive. Although she did clean up nicely in the first movie with her fiery gown--plus, we can see her wedding dress in Catching Fire-- it’s the kickass version of Katniss we like the best. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire finally opens tomorrow, so there’s really no better dream girl to crown today’s Private Icon. From army green denim to a nod-to-the-mockingjay ring, check out our picks below and get ready to channel the girl on fire.
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