Kaya Scoderlario Truth About Emanuel

kaya scodelario on her new role, plus lorde’s reddit AMA!

by liza darwin

We've been stuck in major Kaya Scodelario withdrawal ever since Skins finished, but now she's back with a new movie. And trust us, The Truth About Emanuel is dark--like, really dark. Considering critics are calling the English actress's intense performance her star turn, it's only a matter of time before she finally becomes a household name stateside. Here, she talks about life after Effy, and how she beats a system where "95% of the scripts had a nude scene or the female character would be in her underwear for no reason." Before you drop everything and watch her in The Truth About Emanuel, read this interview first. (Tribeca

Nooooo! Leo DiCaprio is reportedly taking an extended break from movies. According to the actor, "I have done three films in two years. I am most certainly drained now. I will now take a long break before I come back.'" Better enjoy him in The Wolf of Wall Street while we still can... (Metro UK)

OK, so even though the NYLON guide to Beyonce's new album is pretty thorough, when you get the chance to hear about it from Bey herself? Yeah, we're not going to pass that up. The superstar breaks it all down, track by track here. You'll find out lots that you might not've known before, like how the video for "Blow" was shot where she had one of her first dates as a teenager; "Bow Down" is the perfect revenge anthem, and....Beyonce loves Drake. (OhNoTheyDidn't)

As far as pop stars go, Lorde is almost about as mysterious as they get. But surprisingly, the Kiwi teen did a Reddit AMA chat, where she talked about whether or not she's finishing school, how she's afraid of the dentist, and her next video. Apparently it's between "Ribs," "400 Lux," and "Buzzcut Season"...thoughts? (Reddit

Zosia Mamet says she thinks people love Girls because they don't "put makeup on anything." As she puts it, "We really show, in all of its depressing glory, what is to be in your early to mid 20s in New York trying to be an artist. I think that people felt like Lena was telling their story and that she wasn't trying to make it, you know... our sex scenes are awkward and people stay single for a long time. We try to portray life as true to form as possible." T-1 month until season three! (ELLE)