Watch Kaytranada’s New Video For “You’re The One”

A modern-day Cinderella story for the books

If you've been coasting through the day like we have, prepare to get lost in a wild daydream. Kaytranda just released a music video for his new track, “You’re the One,” complete with smooth vocals from Syd tha Kid of The Internet.

The video starts off with a girl’s night (pizza, singing into hairbrushes, the works) we’re desperate to get in on. After learning that an “African Prince” spotted our protagonist on the street in a nightly news segment—because that normally happens IRL—her and her friends make a quick call to the prince's assistant, played by Kay. Next, we get to the realest part of the sleepover: the makeover, which takes us from girl's night to full-on Cinderella mode (the glass slipper is replaced by a pair of Nike high-tops in this fairytale). As the plot typically goes: she sees her Prince Charming from across the room, and the rest is history.

The director of the video, Shomi Patwary, talked about the inspiration behind the video in a press release, stating: "Stylistically it was influenced by the look of black sitcoms from the early '90s—from Martin to Living Single and UPN sitcoms. The African prince idea derived from the plot of Coming To America.” 

Watch the nostalgia-filled visual in full, below.