new york streets get their very own scents.

by liza darwin

As anyone who owns a Metrocard can attest, each New York neighborhood has enough personality to fill its own mini-island.

While the different covens may not be that far geographically (although trying to get our friends from the Upper West Side to meet us on the Lower East is a serious undertaking), these urban pockets are different in other ways. Now OAK has taken these unique traits and transformed them into the NYC boutique's latest mini collection of scented candles.

There's Christopher and West Street, which contains the quaint scent of florals influenced by the West Village; St. Marks and First, which nods to the sweat, disco, trash & vaudeville, and booze of that intersection; McKibbon and Bogart, alluding to the signature smells of Bushwick (paint thinner, dust, and artist lofts....oh my); and lastly, Prince and Mercer, intended to evoke the minimalism and sophistication of the Soho 'hood.

Sure, the scents might not be literal- nobody wants to reek of alcohol, anyway- but each of these hand poured, locally-made soy wax candles burns for 100 hours straight, and is guaranteed to look great in your matter which neighborhood it's in.

Buy them at OAK.