Kendall Jenner Channels Regina George

the burn book is back.

by sara tardiff

If you can't recite every line to Kevin G's "Mathlete Rap" in Mean Girls, you've probably been living under a rock since 2004. And if you don't follow Kendall Jenner on every social media platform (to keep up with the chillest Kardashian, duh), well, you've most definitely been living under a rock. Luckily for you, Dazed Digital gives you the chance catch up on your Mean Girls references while watching Jenner in action with her new Burn Book-inspired video.

The 18-year old model (Chanel favorite, Balmain muse, the face of Estee Lauder) has made it to the number one spot on Dazed's Top 100 of creatives who are changing their respective field, whether that be music, film, or in Kendall's case, the fashion world. To celebrate, the mag debuted a short video where she inks up a Burn Book full of insults...geared toward herself.

The video is very Celebrities Read Mean Tweets, with Kendall lending her own voice to the type of comments we read on her Instagram all the time. She scribbles furiously into her very own Burn Book, Regina George-style, calling herself out: "Kendall Jenner is a self absorbed white bitch," "She's, like, twelve," and even “It’s crazy to think North West can already read better than Kendall Jenner." With a sly, sarcastic tone and periodic gazes into the camera, the stunningly beautiful teen icon's message is crystal clear—the haters can hate all they want, she kind of doesn't care. And more importantly, she is here to stay.

Read her interview with Dazed and check out Kendall's Mean Girl Moment below.