Photo by Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images.

See Kendall Jenner Nap, Get Makeup Done, And Eat Bacon All At Once

fashion-week multitasking!

Fashion Week can be a hard time where balancing work, rest, appearance, and a proper intake of vital proteins can be difficult. There’s so many shows to see (or walk in). There’s so many parties to go to (or wait on line for). There’s so many swag bags to grab, outfits to change into, and Fashion-Week-only friends to kiss on the cheeks. Who has time to eat, sleep, and look like something other than a hip zombie? Very, very few, that’s who.

Well, one person seems to be managing it all quite well. Thanks to Kylie Jenner (and MTV), we’ve seen how Kendall Jenner does it and, everyone, the girl is doing it right. The model/reality star just lies back, has someone else do her makeup, catches up on her shut-eye, and gets her sister to feed her bacon. Watch:

Impressive to say the least. Even at her young age, the older Jenner sis seems to have Fashion Week living locked the hell in. And there’s a lesson in here. Sure, you may not be able to afford someone to come in and do your makeup for you, but you can cook piles of bacon and put them on your nightstand. See, you’re about $5.99, a frying pan, and five minutes of sizzling away to strutting through Fashion Week with the exact same amount of grace and élan as Kendall Jenner. Get your dog to do your makeup and you’re there!