Image via @kirbyjenner Instagram


Meet Kendall Jenner’s Creepy-Ass, Brilliant “Twin”

the satire is #blessed

There’s no reason we should have missed this, but miss this we did. Thanks to Mic, we are now aware of Kendall Jenner’s “twin,” Mr. Kirby Jenner. This is not—we repeat, not—Poot 2.0. Rather, it’s a brilliant, rather creepy satire of the #perfect, #blessed life Kendall offers up on her Instagram every day. Actually, come to think of it, it’s a satire of the #perfect, #blessed life hundreds of thousands of people offer up on their Instagram every day. (Shades of Socality Barbie, here.)

First surfacing on Instagram last summer, @kirbyjenner is the extra Jenner sibling, the one they keep off to the side and out of the camera’s view (kinda like Poot). Out of view, but very much an #emotional, #loving person, Kirby basks in the light of his sisters, even as he’s rolling in a 1991 Toyota Corolla instead of a private jet. As reported, he calls Collect instead of texting Kendall, and somehow, magically appears to be at least eight years older than his twin. Nature is strange and beautiful in that way. 

Behold, it’s Kirby and friends at the pool.

It’s Kirby and sis showing their serious sides.

It’s K and K at their shared birthday.

It's the twins enjoying, #summer.

It's the two dancing it out to Rihanna.

As you can see, this is trenchant and funny as hell. As much as millions love to dip into Kendall’s hashtagged world of perfect moments, sometimes that bubble needs a little popping. For that, Kirby Jenner wields one very sharp pin. We don’t know who the man with the mustache is, who’s taking his photo, or where anyone gets the free time to Photoshop this regular-ass dude into the shimmering world of the Jenners (not yet, at least). Still, whoever this is, wherever he is, we bow down to his superior trolling skills. Sir, please contact us immediately.