Kendall Jenner Is Taking On Her Newest Role…

in the name of patriotism

If there’s one thing we know about Kendall Jenner, it’s that she doesn’t settle for simply one job in her profession. She is a wearer of many hats (both literally and figuratively), from modeling, to designing a new collection with her sis Kylie. With all of these different projects, we can’t help but admire her work ethic, especially when finding out the latest role she’s taken on in her career—a voting advocate. Kendall Jenner has partnered with Rock the Vote in order to produce a video that encourages young individuals, especially young women, to feel as empowered as she does to vote in the upcoming election. In the video, Kendall is dressed up as Rosie the Riveter, an icon of patriotism from World War II. In recent times, celebrities like Beyoncé and Pink have reimagined this power figure, all giving way to the feminist movement that continues to make waves in society.

As World War II began and men were extensively enlisted, American women began to enter the workforce to replace male jobs in the industrial labor force. The female percentage of the U.S. workforce increased from 27 percent to almost 37 percent between 1940 and 1945. The U.S. government directed a campaign with the hopes of recruiting female workers for the ammunition-based industry, which gave way to the fruition of Rosie the Riveter. Although some components of Rosie was based on the life of an actual factory worker, she represented more than that. The empowering, bandanna-adorned character was a symbol of feminine capability during World War II. The Rosie the Riveter campaign stressed that it was women’s patriotic duty to enter the work force while men were away fighting for their country. Artist Norman Rockwell created the most popular representation of this icon in 1943. The notable image depicts her in factory attire and bandana-wrapped hair, with one arm flexed as the slogan “We Can Do It” rests above her head.

Jenner’s pairing with Rock the Vote comes at the perfect time as the next presidential election draws nearer and nearer. With more young registered voters, the millennial generation can truly be heard.