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kendall jenner’s new vogue spread has officially hit the internet

cowgirl-princess inspiration for days & days

Kendall Jenner is featured in a new Vogue shoot about cropped jackets, but it's so much more than that: Specifically, it's making our wildest cowgirl-alien-princess dreams come true, which is a hard thing to do, since we have a lot of cowgirl-alien-princess dreams.

Set in various desert-like locations, there's a vibe to the photo series that gives Kendall a sheriff-from-the-future vibe. Also, can we talk about her eyebrows for a second? Just, wow. (Some might say they are "on fleek.")

Worth noting: Her layering game is seriously on-point here. Some important takeaways include the idea to throw a crop top over a turtleneck, and the fact that mixing leather, suede, and snakeskin looks really fierce. We also support mixing substitute materials like pleather and faux snakeskin, which is a kind gesture to our animal friends and also much more affordable.

Click through for a preview of the story and then head on over to to see the full shoot.  (via

image via vogue magazine
image via vogue magazine