Kerli’s Video For “Feral Hearts” Will Blow You Away


Sometimes a music video comes along that floors you. Perhaps it has a narrative that hits home; perhaps its cinematography is simply extraordinary. Kerli's latest video will leave you breathless.

When we premiered "Feral Hearts," Kerli said, "The art you’re about to experience was made during a year in which I soaked in this magical land’s inspiration, by practicing an extremely simple lifestyle by myself in a little forest temple, having not much else with me than my music making tools." The video for the song brings that magical land to life. It's a stunning five-and-a-half minute visual, rich with elaborate costumes and surreal beauty. Kerli assumes the role of mythical creatures, each one carrying a unique allure. "Feral Hearts" is your favorite fantasy novel that's come alive. If only it were longer. We'd buy a ticket to a movie about this song in a heartbeat. Until then, we'll be getting lost in this magic all day.