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Khalid Talks Openly About His Mental Health Struggles After A Twitter Feud

“I just wanna let u know that if you struggle with any illness, I feel you. It gets better.”

by Lisa Eppich

After what appears to be some Twitter drama, singer Khalid has decided to take a little bit of a mental health break from the platform.

Although it's difficult to reconstruct the narrative due to multiple deleted Tweets and Vines, it all started when someone scrolled waaaay back to 2014 on Khalid's Twitter. Apparently, Khlaid had said something about his friend @shutupcarissa's singing, which Khalid now claims "was taken so far out of context lol I was talking about different singing techniques and recommended Aquarius, I fuck with her music."

After much back and forth with fans and haters, and Khalid explaining and apologizing for what he said, Khalid revealed:

The singer's fans were deeply supportive of him and

with mental health in response to his post. Khalid retweeted several of these stories, telling fans that he loved them and reminding them of their strength. His friend Carissa appeared to address the controversy

by posting

, "'call out' culture and holding ppl accountable for petty things that were said/tweeted YEARS ago has gotten so out of hand and turned into a toxic, 'who can spew the bitchiest shade' contest." This pretty clearly suggests that she doesn't harbor any hard feelings towards Khalid over what was said several years ago. 

In covering this story, Steph Barnes at HelloGiggles also brought up an important point: Much of the media attention on mental health issues centers around the experience of privileged white people, but people of color statistically face higher rates of sadness, hopelessness, and worthlessness. Black teenagers are also statistically more likely to attempt suicide than white teenagers. Hopefully Khalid's tweets and open support of his fans will help them feel more comfortable taking care of their mental health and safety, particularly his fans of color.