suno makes sneakers for $65!

by liza darwin

SUNO is officially considered a New York label, but you could say it's rooted in Africa, too. Designers Max Osterweis and Erin Beatty founded the brand in '08 after becoming inspired by the awesome mishmash of Kenyan fabrics that the duo had gathered over the years- since then, SUNO's woven the influence into colorful off-kilter graphic prints that blend the best of American and African style.

Needless to say, all of this pattern clashing, tie-dye, and neon makes us smile season after season. But the sneakers from the holiday collection are feel-good in a whole new way.

Produced in Kenya, the shoes are made of recycled material, come stamped with kanga-inspired prints, and even help baby elephants (not even kidding- a portion of proceeds go to a wildlife trust!).

They retail at a totally affordable $65, and, despite the fact that the designers claim they take cues from the "retro American tourist look" we think they're definitely cuter than anything you'd ever find at a gift shop.

Get a first look below.

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