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    by · June 27, 2014

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    As the daily trials and tribulations of life take toll, hearing and collagen dissipate, but style does not. At least not for these of-age gals. Young ones, take a cue.
    Maude, Harold and Maude
    If you’re searching for your waify, depressed soulmate, look no further than your local funeral. Only don’t forget your knit turtleneck, vest-skirt combo and oversized yellow coat. Cause nothing says sexy like a confused ensemble, a cheery disposition, and a milkmaid braid.
    Mrs. Robinson, The Graduate
    Mrs. Robinson wasn’t just a ... let’s just say “professor-of sorts” to poor little Ben Braddock — she’s a style and ethics role model for us all. Here’s just some of what she taught us:
    1.) It’s okay if your spirit animal is a skunk. In fact, you should embrace this with at least one casual blonde streak.
    2.) Be casual—in attitude and in looks. And nothing screams “casual” more than a leopard coat and matching pillbox hat.
    3.) As long as you have cat eyeliner and a lacy bra on, you’re fully dressed.
    4.) Tights are overrated. Wear sheer thigh-highs instead.
    5.) As long as you’re wearing a gold and chiffon mini dress, it’s okay to seduce your daughter’s suitor. Well, we’re not exactly sure that we completely condone this, but who are we to judge?
    Lucille Bluth, Arrested Development
    Cheers to the lady who refused to let go of her embellished patterned blazers, broaches, drink, and some good old fashioned lesson-giving. Wink...
    Joan Crawford, Mommie Dearest
    Contrary to recent revelations, it is possible for a starlet to maintain a high level of aesthetic upkeep while mentally and physically deteriorating. Just start your day off with a light jog through Beverly Hills and an ice bath. Make sure to always keep your walk-in closet stocked with high-waisted flare pants, leather belts and knits that conceal your clavicle. Never be afraid to scrub the bathroom floor in a deep slit gown. And never, ever use wire hangers.
    Constance Langdon, American Horror Story
    Moral of the story: When dealing with the possessed house next door, you must have patterned shift dresses, silk slips, a cigarette, and a fierce attitude. Because the only thing that
    should be crazier than your backstory should be your out-of-control style.
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