kickstart by mountain dew

Kickstart you summer…

by Christian Lavery

It’s officially June 21st - the first day of summer - and for us here at NYLON, that means spending a little less time in the office and a little more time in the sun. As for the people over at Mountain Dew, I’m guessing it means more or less the same thing. The only difference, they’ll be spending that cherished time outdoors alongside along side some of the best names in action sports. The first stop of the Dew Tour officially kicks off this weekend in Ocean City, Maryland, where it’s going to showcase the finest competition in the world of skate, BMX, and surf. And although we won’t be able to attend in person, you better believe we’re going to be enjoying all the action from the comforts of our home with a Kickstart by Mountain Dew in our hand. The latest beverage comes in Orange Citrus and Fruit Punch and gives us a nice boost to power through the day while still capturing that classic Mountain Dew taste. So if for some unfortunate reason you won't be able to attend, catch the Dew Tour airing on NBC or stream it live HERE. Just don’t forget to pickup a Kickstart to add to the experience.