Watch the Trailer For Dark Comedy ‘Kill Your Friends’

nicholas hoult like we’ve never seen him before

Earlier today, The Weeknd released a pretty violent video for his single, "Tell Your Friends." Not to be outdone, the NSFW trailer for Kill Your Friends stays true to its title and teases an extremely violent dark comedy that also satirizes the '90s-era music industry. Based on the best-selling novel by John Niven, Nicholas Hoult—like we've never seen him before—stars as an A&R guy circa 1997 who will literally do anything to achieve success, even if that means killing a few of his colleagues along the way. The movie looks like a blend between Trainspotting and Insert Bret Easton Ellis Novel Here. 

Kill Your Friends will premiere next month at the Toronto Film Festival next month, but has yet to snag a U.S. release date.