kim kardashian’s love cover is spooky as hell

she goes noir

Love Magazine, the bastion of cool helmed by Katie Grand, is asking for us to suspenda whole lot of belief for its Kim K. cover. It wants us to imagine a world in which Kim Kardashian West would use a payphone. It wants us to consider if Kim, in all of her years in L.A., enjoys In-N-Out burgers, but then doubles down on the thought exercise by suggesting that she can hold one in her manicured paw and not take a single bite of it. But most importantly, it also wants us to believe in a world where Kim Kardashian exists without contouring and, even in her Lynchian moment of Los Angeles ennui, would deign to let her undereye bags see the light of day. 

But that's kind of what is amazing about this cover, and Love in general, is the vision behind the publication. (Remember, this is the mag who brought us a naked Beth Ditto and put trans* model Lea T. front and center.) For this issue, Kim is interviewed by Cara Delevingne and decked out in Prada—particularly 2003 Prada, in this shot. It is indeed a glossy, but it is a glossy with grit, one with its very particular and unapologetic aesthetic, which often taps into otherworldliness with a dreamily lit studio, not a darkened phonebooth. But that works, too. Certainly more moody than, say, #breakingtheinternet. 

photo via love magazine

photo via instagram/love magazine
photo via instagram/love magazine
photo via instagram/love magazine