king avriel ‘thesis’ lp stream

The LA songstress reveals her debut LP…

by Christian Lavery

By kindergarten she was a nationally recognized short story author. At age five she landed her first feature role as the voice of Timberly on Hey Arnold. She followed that with a few small projects and features on mixtapes with artists like Miguel. And after a short hiatus in the form of scholarly studies at UCLA, King avriel is just now arriving.more

Yes. Those prior-mentioned accomplishments are nothing compared to her debut LP Thesis, which just dropped today. Carefully revealing tracks from the project throughout the past six months, finally we are able to see King avriel in all her glory.The 11-track body of work is one that comes out of true passion. A collection of avriel’s thoughts and experiences, each song gives a beckoning insight into where she’s headed. Her voice is versatile. Her narrative is masterfully sewn together. Remember, it’s only the beginning, though.Take a listen to Thesis below.