king krule in nylon guys

Watching the throne with Archy Marshall…

by Josh Madden

king krule in nylon guys

In the summer of 2010 when we stumbled across an mp3 called "

Out Getting Ribs

" by a mysterious artist called Zoo Kid which landed us


. There was little to be known about the artist, just a few songs but that's all we needed to get hooked, and we were. Fully hooked.Fast forward three years and Archy Marshall, once Zoo Kid now King Krule has amassed hundreds of thousands of fans, just released his first full length record

6 Feet Beneath the Moon

and is selling out

shows around the globe

. We were lucky enough to meet Marshall and

see him play

which you can read about it on page 96 of this months issue. Read all about this young dude's writing process and journey to becoming the king.