Watch Kirsten Dunst Perform A Cheer From Bring It On


Kirsten Dunst went on The Late Late Show last night to promote her latest project, the second season of FX's Fargo. But naturally, host Craig Corben just had to ask her about Bring It On, because 15 years after that movie's release, people are still obsessed with it.

"Were you surprised that that movie became such a huge hit?" Corben asked her. "Yes, because we were just a couple of young people in San Diego making a movie for Universal that nobody cared about," Dunst answered for the 10,000th time. Then, sensing a viral moment in his sights, Corben asked Dunst if she remembered any of the cheers from the movie. "Of course I do," Dunst sheepishly responded. Then, channeling Torrance Shipman, Dunst broke into one of that movie's better known cheers, and for a brief moment, all was right with the world.