good idea or bad idea: a perfume inspired by lingerie?

by liza darwin

Unless you've been living under a rock, it's no secret that sex sells. And while NSFW fashion ads or provocative commercials don't make us flinch anymore, Benefit is putting a twist on the trend with its newest fragrance.

"Ring My Bella" is the latest addition to the Crescent Row collection, a series of scents inspired by fictional characters. As we learn from the pretty illustrated packaging, "Bella" has just opened a new lingerie shop in the neighborhood, which inspires this girly smell. We like it because the tones of rose, lily and peony are fresh enough for late summer, but ingredients like vanilla and musk make it an easy beauty transition to fall.

Although Bella may boast lingerie-motif packaging and a "sweetly seductive" sensibility, we're getting a more PG-13 vibe from this flirty scent. And hey, that's fine with us.

$36 here.