7 korean beauty brands you’ve got to check out

seriously amazing stuff

by ava tunnicliffe

The Korean beauty industry is pretty much always one step ahead of the game. After all, one of our holy grails—the BB cream—comes from Korea. And, luckily for our product-loving souls, Korean cosmetics are increasingly easier to come by in the US: They're now sold at Urban Outfitters and on many websites like Soko Glam and Amazon.

In fact, there are now so many products available that it can be overwhelming. So, we’ve rounded up all the need-to-know Korean brands and their top products that will forever change your skin care. Read on, and prepare for your bathroom cabinet to never be the same. 

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This South Korean beauty brand allows you to get your hands on the (supposedly) magical snail slime. Hey, don't knock it until you try it.


1. Mizon, King To The Kong No. 1 Moist Magic Cream Mist, $28, available at

2. Mizon, Snail Repair Perfect Cream, $38, available at

3. Mizon, Skin Toner, $23, available at 

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Etude House

Etude House is cheap, affordable, and full of great skin care and cosmetic products. $1 face masks? Yes, please!


1. Etude House, My Lash Serum, $7.90, available at

2. Etude House, Fresh Cherry Tint, $6, available at

3. Etude House, Collagen Eye Patch $1, available at 

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Tony Moly's packaging is so adorable that it honestly it just seems like an added bonus that the products work so well.


1. TONYMOLY, Fruit Hand Cream, $10, available at

2. TONYMOLY, Hello Bunny Perfume Bar, $14, available at

3. TONYMOLY, Egg Pore Blackhead Out Oil Gel, $16 , available at

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The Face Shop

This Korean beauty brand uses all-natural ingredients in amazing skin care and makeup that truly makes you glow.


1. The Face Shop, Lovely Me:Ex Color My Brow, $10, available at

2. The Face Shop, Chia Seed Watery Toner, $26, available at

3. The Face Shop, Lovely Me:Ex Pastel Cushion Blush, $12, available at

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Holika Holika

Holika Holika's eye-catching packaging put a fun twist on makeup. Also, who doesn't love a brand that fuses two of our favorite things—wine and face masks?


1. Holika Holika, Wine Therapy Sleeping Mask, $24, available at

2. Holika Holika, Heartful Silky Lipstick, $12, available at

3. Holika Holika, Magic Pole Waterproof Mascara, $18, available at

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Inspired by the Persian fairy, Peri, this Korean cosmetics company specializes in extra feminine package designs that will have you channeling your own inner nymph.


1. Peripa, Heart Tok Blusher, $16, available at

2. Peripa, Peri's Cushion Lips, $14, available at

3. Peripa, Saturday Night Liner, $15, available at

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The name pretty much says it all. There's mascara that looks like a banana, lip balm that looks like honey, a toner in a water bottle, and a ton of other products that you may accidentally put in the fridge. Just make sure you don't accidentally try to eat your products.


1. Skin Food, Multi Toner in Glacier, $8.14, available at

2. Skin Food, Honey Pot Lip Balm, $5.49, available at

3. Skin Food, Banana Long Lash Curl Mascara, $5.31, available at