Photo courtesy of J-Pink and Pinky Cheeks/Facebook.

Trust Us, You’ll Love Everything About This Korean Dance Video

meet j-pink

We stumbled across this video of Korean dancer J-Pink and immediately had questions. What kind of dancing is this? Is this the human equivalent of glitching? Did someone fast-forward this video? Where can we get those shoes? A cursory search on J-Pink lands us a little bit of information. We know for sure he's part of a dance group called Pinky Cheeks and that he was featured in Cheetah's "My Number." Aside from that, there's not much information on the fast-firing dancer (at least, that we can find in English), so his insane videos will have to keep us satiated for now. Check out the freestyle, below, to watch J-Pink combine hitting, krumping, popping, and boogaloo in a style that's way next level, with swoon-worthy style to match. Prepare for jaw drops, now.