kraken forged edition headphones by razer

For music, gaming, and more…

by Christian Lavery

Music, gaming, or otherwise, high-quality sound is a necessity. Not only does it add to the overall experience, but c’mon…have you ever tried playing Grand Theft Auto without the sound on? It’s nowhere near as fun. So whether we want to hear all our favorite sound effects or listen to our favorite soundtrack, we found a pair of headphones that will allow us enjoy it all.

Known for its high performance gaming hardware, software, and systems, Razer is now adding to its audio arsenal with the release of its Kraken Forged Edition headphones. Hand-assembled with aircraft-grade aluminum ear cups, the headphones come with plush leatherette ear cushions lining, a fully adjustable headband, and a lightweight, foldable design. To match its high quality build, they also have 40 mm bass-heavy drivers and a swappable cable with an in-line microphone to easily use it for gaming or for use with your phone.

Buy the Razer Kraken Forged Edition headphones HERE.