Things Get Spooky For Kristen Stewart In The New ‘Personal Shopper’ Trailer

Can she or can’t she communicate with her deceased brother?

Kristen Stewart plays a personal shopper in her latest film, aptly titled Personal Shopper. If this seems like déjà vu for the actress (she played an assistant in Clouds of Sils Maria, also directed by Olivier Assayas), wait until you hear the twist: she may or may not be able to communicate with spirits.

After her twin brother passes away, she starts to receive otherworldly messages. “We made this oath, whoever died first would send the other a sign,” Stewart says. When her boss gets murdered, things really start to spiral. It’s the thriller we’ve been craving from the actress since Panic Room

Assayas already won Best Director for Personal Shopper during the 2016 Cannes film festival. See why when the film hits theaters March 10. You can watch the brooding trailer above.