Kristen Stewart Sees Ghosts In The ‘Personal Shopper’ Trailer


by daniel barna

When director Olivier Assayas recently called Kristen Stewart the "best actress of her generation," the grandiose statement made perfect sense to anyone who's seen either of their collaborations. Stewart is a major movie star, which means she has a team of assistants and handlers to help with the tedious stuff that us civilians have to do ourselves. Assayas, it seems, likes to subvert that image by having Stewart play those handlers, first in Clouds of Sils Maria, in which she starred as an assistant to Juliette Binoche's screen siren, and now in Personal Shopper, the upcoming psychological thriller that once again sees Stewart playing a woman working in the cracks of the celebrity industrial complex. 

Based on the film's new trailer, things get dark and spooky, as Stewart's character—a personal shopper to the stars—is haunted by supernatural forces after attempting to make contact with her dead brother.  “I genuinely felt closer to death on a movie than I’ve ever felt,” Stewart told Vanity Fair in January. “[Assayas] sort of gave me this opportunity for a short period of time to contemplate infinity in a really disarming and scary way, that’s like little questions that you ignore when you lay your head down on your pillow at night. Like, ‘I'm alone, who am I?’ All those things, they plague her.”

Although Personal Shopper premiered to mixed reviews at Cannes, that won't stop us from seeing what Assayas and Stewart have conjured up, when Personal Shopper hits theaters March 10. Watch the trailer below.