Kristen Stewart’s Best Friend Interviews Her In A Car

it’s a carversation

The memory of all the uncomfortable, awkward acceptance speeches and interviews that Kristen Stewart gave in the Twilight era might follow her for the rest of her career. But as she proved with Camp X-Ray and Clouds of Sils Maria, the 25-year-old is really coming into her own—and quickly becoming one of the best, most daring actresses of our time. And whether you fight it or not, Stewart will probably become one of your favorite entertainers, especially after watching her chat with her middle school BFF.

In the latest episode of Suzie Riemer's "Carversations," Suzie Riemer chauffeurs Stewart to the Sils Maria LACMA premiere. Along the way, they talk about Stewart's dream alternative career paths ("I'd probably be catering and hoping to get into props and writing my first screenplay thinking I was going to change the world of cinema"), snacks, and supportive friends.