Photo by Maxyme Delisle


KROY Will Chill You To Your “Bones”

Don’t fight the feeling

Camille Poliquin believes that she was born out of melancholy. You probably know her best as one-half of Milk & Bone, the Montreal-based duo that makes minimalist music that sounds so pretty, it could almost bring you to tears. With her solo project KROY, Poliquin has embarked on an artistic journey to fully explore her deepest, darkest fears.

Unsurprisingly, given Poliquin's alleged birthplace, KROY's latest single "Bones" is oozing with melancholy. Every time the whirlwind of synths crescendos, her fragile voice practically floats through the speakers. It's almost like a quiet storm that sweeps through unexpectedly and destroys everything in its path, but you want to follow it anyway.

Poliquin explained why the song is very personal to her: "It's about a relationship that was only possible in the sunlight but always behind closed doors. I just felt so helpless. I just wanted to be able to wake up with the other person at least once you know?"

KROY's debut EP 


is out on 

September 23

via Honeymoon (U.S.) and Dare To Care (Canada). Get swept up in this moody electro-pop gem, below.