What’s The Song In Kylie Jenner’s Glosses Video?

Meet Terror Jr

Yesterday, Kylie Jenner dropped a music video for her new beauty venture, Glosses by Kylie Jenner. The "BBHMM"-esque video certainly had a lot going on and raised a lot of questions, and one of the biggest mysteries was the song that soundtracked the Colin Tilley-directed short. Over the past 24 hours, the song has not only been identified as Terror Jr's "3 Strikes," but has also been widely speculated on. 

In an age where it's nearly impossible not to leave some sort of a digital footprint, Terror Jr had absolutely none before this week. The group's social platforms—Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram—have hardly any information and no photos of members. Not only that, but "3 Strikes" is the group's first single, and had never been heard before Jenner's video. With all of these factors, Internet-goers did what they tend to do: form conspiracy theories. In some of their eyes, Terror Jr is a front for Kylie Jenner's musical prowess. 

In actuality, though, that's not the case. As Fader reports, Terror Jr's Facebook page originally included a link to Effess Records' website. When the publication reached out to the label, a representative said, "Terror Jr is a project from the guys who created Kiiara (Felix Snow and David aka Campa) and a girl named Lisa. They've expressed to me it's their 'dream pop supergroup.'"

So, no, Kylie isn't behind the song. And if you still don't believe it, just think back to the time when Kylie and her somewhat-famous siblings were recording a song for their mother's birthday, and Kim and Kourtney rerecorded the song without Kylie and Kendall because their voices were so deep and they were unable to harmonize. Duh.