here’s how to copy kylie jenner’s ama look

lips optional.

Kylie Jenner stood out in a seriously cool way within the sea of cat-eyes, red lips, and shiny hair that was last night's AMA red carpet. There's just something about the combo of teal hair and fancy awards show makeup that makes for a killer beauty statement after our own hearts.

Makeup artist Rob Scheppy used a MAC Lip Pencil in Burgundy to put a glamorous twist on Kylie's signature pout, adding a bit of shine with Elizabeth Arden's cult-beloved Eight Hour Cream. The resulting rich wine color was a gorgeous complement to her deep scarlet gown, which makes us think that matching your lipstick to your clothes (like Lorde at the New Zealand Music Awards) is about to be a big thing.

Because that lip-and-dress combo is so bold, Scheppy balanced it by playing up her eyes. He used a full row of Eyeko's false lashes and then coated them with the brand's Black Magic Mascara. Scheppy also enhanced her brows with Eyeko's brow liner. The exaggerated brows and lashes make her eyes appear to be in proportion to her lips, resulting in an overall sultry, rebellious look. 

While we might not be recreating this look on ourselves exactly as is (our lips are the one area in life where we actually prefer to draw in the lines), there's a good lesson to be learned here: When it comes to bold beauty, balance is key. That, and teal hair looks good with everything.