photo via @kyliejenner on instagram


kylie jenner has gone blonde

for the latest issue of ‘love’ magazine.

Kylie Jenner is a wearer of many hats. And by hats we mean hair colors. But shockingly enough, the rainbow hair icon's most recent hue isn't so bright, as she opts for a more natural look in the latest issue of Love magazine.

Kylie isn't the only Kardashian to grace the pages of Love: sisters Kendall and Kim both make appearences in Issue 13, which is available February 9, but the youngest of the klan is the only one to debut a new look. The change isn't too much of a surprise though, as by now we know that Kylie is prone to changing her hair every few weeks, days, or hours. You could call her a khameleon.

Pout-perfect and eyelids heavily lined, Kylie could be a modern incantation of Brigitte Bardot in the pages of the magazine with the addition of her new banged, honey-blonde hair. While the color and style fully suit the Jenner girl, we're not going to bother guessing if this look is here to stay. After all, Kylie does love her extensions (she even has her own line of them), so we wouldn't be shocked to find out that this new look is really just a perfectly styled wig. Fake or not, these blonde tresses are refreshing style for the 17-year-old. Alas, nothing gold can stay.