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kylie jenner has dreadlocks now

Because why not?

by daniel barna

Earlier this week, Kendall Jenner extended her family's stellar streak of Internet breaking when she appeared bare-breasted in the pages of Love magazine. But if you thought Kylie would let her big sis hog all the attention, you are sorely mistaken. Yesterday, at approximately 3PM PST, Kylie Jenner uploaded an image to Instagram displaying her brand-new dreadlocks.

The Kardashian/Jenners have yet to release a statement confirming the veracity of these dreads, so at this point, all we know is based on the below photo. It appears that Jenner either has real dreads or she stumbled on John Travolta's Battlefield Earth wig. Based on her caption (it says "dreads") our gut tells us they're legit. Kylie also appears to have taken up amateur photography, and already has her own fully equipped, state-of-the-art dark room. No wonder her selfie game is so on-point. 

On a completely superficial level, Kylie looks pretty cool with dreads. On a more relevant, political level, though, this is a hairstyle with an important cultural history—a culture of which Kylie most definitely doesn't belong. The fashion and beauty world loves to appropriate hairstyles in this way, which we saw last fashion week when cornrows and baby hair were called "new" and "edgy" when they showed up on white models. While Kylie's far from the first person to appropriate dreadlocks, this is a great moment to point out that hair, for a great many people, can be an extension of politics.. Many writers have previously called into question the practice of white people having dreadlocks, and the conversation is a hot one amidst POC beauty blogs. Since this author is not a POC, here is The Root's articulate perspective on the issue, which is: It's a complicated topic.

Then again, who has time for second thoughts when there are so many selfies to be taken?