Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images.

THIS Is What It’s Really Like Being Kylie Jenner

and it ain’t all lip kits and limos

Whatever your particular position on the Jenners and Kardashians is, the Instagram posts above and below may shift your opinion just a few centimeters to the left or right.

Whether you think she brings it on herself or whether you think she’s a paparazzi victim, there’s no question that the blizzard of flashbulbs and shouts Kylie Jenner is weathering in these clips is frightening. True, she—like so many of her kin—offer themselves up to the public through photoshoots, apps, television shows, Instagram, tweets, Snapchat posts, books, or anything else we might be leaving out. These Snapchat captures and Instagram vids, however, demonstrate that even if this part of a life she wants, it is quite a lot to live through. 

Just witness:

Now, Jenner often seems to be at peace with her choice to live like this and very welcoming toward (and even gracious about) the success and money that her decisions bring. Does that mean she deserves this though? Does it mean its okay to demand that she’s greeted by this every time she goes to an event? It’s hard to see that it would be. 

These clips also serve as a handy reminder that as much as many people covet what the Jenners and Kardashians have, there is a price to pay, one that would be too steep for many. It certainly would be for us and it certainly has proven so for other celebs.

If you don’t already admire Kylie Jenner, these Instagram examples probably won’t change that. At the very least, though, you might give her respect for swimming through all these flashing lights and booming voices every day while keeping her composure. Thanks to these POV shots, we certainly do.