first look: la mer

head to thailand and have summer all year round.

by steff yotka

We know Labor Day means fall, no more white, and sweater weather, but we're still clinging to the last whims of summer tooth and nail. Helping us live out our beach fantasies is this new lookbook from La Mer, which we have the exclusive preview of right here, right now. Recommended viewing: Leafing through the photos in your bikini and pretending you're on a July vacation. 

Set in Thailand, two models hang out by the pool and by the beach in La Mer's signature bright watches, including wrap-around and clear perspex styles--the perfect solution for that whole "My watch doesn't match with my outfit" problem. Aside from giving you incentive to totally makeover your watch collection, you'll also want to copy the models' houndstooth and glitter manicures, because matching your nails to your watch is the new matching your purse to your shoes. 

Check out all the gorgeous photos from La Mer's trip to Thailand in our gallery, and be prepared to find yourself on Orbitz buying a plane ticket and on La Mer's site buying a watch. You deserve it.