Nothing Is As Cool As L.A. Witch’s “Drive Your Car” Video

These ladies rock

There's something about the West Coast and driving that makes for the perfect match. I don't know what it is, exactly, but between The Rolling Stones' Kristen Stewart-infused video for "Ride 'Em On Down," Lana Del Rey's whole being, and the fuzzy and dark vibes of L.A. Witch, I can't deny how closely I associate hitting the open road with the endless highways in California. And that's more true than ever with the release of the latest L.A. Witch video.

Directed by Allie Lane, L.A. Witch's video for "Drive Your Car," a standout track from their self-titled debut album, is as effortlessly cool as they come. Who knew all you'd need was some badass whips, a killer all-black wardrobe, and an unbothered attitude to be the most stylish person around?

Lane tells us, "With the 'Drive Your Car' video, I wanted to evoke a surreal state of adventure that matches the romantic lulls and highs of a road trip. L.A. Witch's psych rock swells and enigmatic lyrics called for bleached color tones, mirror mirages, and expansive desert landscapes." 

Yes, indeed. It's a potent combination that's very effective. This is the vibe of which West Coast dreams are made. 

L.A. Witch Tour Dates

  • 12/6 in Bondi NSW at SoSueMe
  • 12/7 in Brisbane QLD at Crowbar
  • 12/9 in Byron Bay NSW at The Northern
  • 12/21 in Los Angeles CA at Teragram Ballroom
  • 12/22 in San Diego CA at Casbah
  • 12/23 in Santa Ana CA at Constellation Room
  • 3/16 in Sion CH at Le Port Franc
  • 3/17 in Parma IT at Milk Party
  • 3/20 in Zurich CH at Rote Fabrik
  • 3/21 in Berlin DE at Quasimodo
  • 3/22 in Hamburg DE at Hafenklang
  • 3/23 in Stockholm SE at Melodybox
  • 3/24 in Goteborg SE at Truck Stop Alaska
  • 3/27 in Nottingham UK at The Chameleon
  • 3/28 in Glasgow UK at Sleazy’s
  • 3/29 in Newcastle UK at Cluny
  • 3/30 in London UK at Oslo
  • 3/31 in Leeds UK at Headrow House
  • 4/4 in Paris FR at Supersonic
  • 4/5 in Arras FR at Maison de l’etudiant
  • 4/6 in Glarus CH at Veka
  • 4/7 in Milan IT at Ohibo