just don’t call yourself a cullen.

by faran krentcil

Vampires aren't just immortal - they're also refusing to go away. There's the Bella-Edward situation, the ones who write Diaries, the ones who drink True Blood, and even some stealth villains who emerge (as Voldemort fans, naturally) in the final Harry Potter flicks.

If you've been bitten (wocka, wocka) by the craze, you're probably thinking, "But NYLON, how do I look both undead and stylish for Halloween?"

Ah, that's easy. You go to Mehron, the stage makeup wizards, and buy their "Vampire Kit," which contains pancake makeup for pallid skin, two kinds of blood stains, and a detailed instruction kit put together by stage and screen makeup experts.  You can also buy the blood separately, and just cover everything with it. 

Or:  Strawberry syrup and corn starch.  Icky, but ideal for that "I wanted to be a shape-shifter but the costume was too complicated" kind of look.

Get the details and the instructions online.