The Official ‘Gaga: Five Foot Two’ Trailer Promises The Truth

The real monster is…

Lady Gaga's new documentary comes a few days after the cancellation of the European leg of her Joanne World Tour due to her fibromyalgia. According to Gaga herself, she's been quietly suffering from chronic pain for years. The first clips from Gaga: Five Foot Two teased that truth, but the documentary's official trailer lays it—and many other aspects of Gaga's life—all out on the table.

"I have chased this pain for five years," she can be heard saying as images of her undergoing procedures and tests play out on screen, "but when I feel the adrenalin of my music and my fans, I can fucking go." 

And thus begins what's been heralded as a raw and intimate look into Gaga outside the spotlight. From there, it's all about finding her strength and doing the things no one expects from her. "I can always bring my past with me, but I can never go back," she says. Gaga: Five Foot Two promises to lift the veil of the pop star and the inner workings of what it took (and takes) to become Lady Gaga. From her defying producers early on in her career to the truth behind the petty drama with Madonna and her casually asking a retail salesperson if they sell her new album, Joanne, this is Gaga unfiltered.

Gaga: Five Foot Two will stream exclusively on Netflix beginning September 22.