Lady Gaga Wore The Perfect Cool Girl Summer Outfit

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Look to Lady Gaga for your summer 2016 style inspiration. The multihyphenate has evolved from an out-there avant-garde fashion rebel into a rock n' roll pop icon. Her days of meat dresses aren't done per se, but her style has elevated into a new echelon of cool.

Yesterday, Gaga was photographed leaving her apartment building in New York City wearing cutoff denim shorts and a vintage Queen tee. On paper, that sounds like your basic run-of-the-mill Cool Girl™ outfit, but she accessorized it with low-cut suede booties and a bright, pastel fur coat slung over one shoulder. Basic, be gone. Her hair was wrapped into a high pony Miley Cyrus would approve of, and she topped the look off with hoop earrings and Holes' BB sunnies. How she walked in a straight line with those kaleidoscope glasses is a wonder, but so is the physics of her walking in 10-inch platform heels, like she did at the Met Gala this year. 

For a Gaga-approved beach vibe, perhaps instead of the coat, you can drape a nice beach blanket over your shoulder. It'll pack the same energy with practicality, since, you know, the beach blanket will be laid down for you to sit on; whereas that coat was more form than function. But hey, Gaga will do what Gaga will do. 

On a slightly different note, Mark Ronson walked out of Gaga's building shortly after she did. This is most likely because they're in the studio together, working on Gaga's forthcoming album. If her fashion is any indication (as it usually is), we're in for a Fame Monster-meets-Born This Way record. Praise be.