bad movie, good makeup: an eyeshadow that won’t wash off at the beach!

by natalie matthews

Scene: You're watching a movie in which the female lead hops out of bed or climbs out of the pool, looking amazing to a suspicious degree.

Your boyfriend's thinking, "She's so hot."

You're thinking, "She so should not have on perfect eyeliner.'"

If you're not Kate Bosworth in Blue Crush, and diving into waves with makeup only converts your face to a makeshift Joker visage, you might want to check out Make Up For Ever's newest eye-shadow pencils.

They're entirely waterproof, so you can put one in your beach bag and color away, worry-free. It's the best way to ensure your beach days are Polaroid-friendly, though you should prepare for a bit of a scuffle, too—your friends will probably demand that you share it, the way you would with your sunscreen.

$18 at Makeup For Ever