Lana Del Rey Wants You To Cast A Spell On Trump

Read between the lines

Late in the witching hours of the night, Lana Del Rey randomly tweeted a cryptic message containing a list of dates with mention of some "ingredients." Most fans (us, included) were confused by what it all really meant, but eventually, some realized that she was leading us to an anti-Trump witchcraft ritual.

The dates fall on the next “waning crescent moon” in which all the witches worldwide cast a “binding” spell on Donald Trump. The ritual occurs once a month for the common goal of getting him impeached from the Oval Office.

Obviously, we're delighted that the singer-songwriter is using her platform to empower others to actively resist the Trump administration, but can we please get an album release date soon? If Lana is feeling up to it, we wouldn't be mad to see her live on tour too... 

Anyway, enjoy your spell-binding and enjoy Del Rey's newish song, appropriately titled "Love." Magic is truly all around us.